Data Loggers & Timers

Data Loggers & Timers

Temperature and humidity data loggers have a crucial part to play across a wide range of industries. These include sectors such as the energy, meteorological, and environmental industries as well as the logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors.

Data Loggers can be used to extract detailed data in order to aid compliance for a wide range of industry specific regulations, as well as aiding environmental and quality control procedures. They can also be used as a measurement to save costs (particularly in regard to waste reduction, manufacturing non-compliance and food storage). Many data loggers also have built-in sensors to measure ambient temperature and humidity during storage and transportation of chemicals, medicine, and food products. This data can either be captured and read in real time, or stored to make long term comparisons.

Utilising the latest in technology, these handy portable devices use a high quality LCD to display a variety of temperature and humidity information. The ability to switch between real time data as well as maximum and minimum stored data means that industries have easy access to relevant, industry-specific information just when they need it most.

Our devices are easily set up by plugging them directly into a PC's USB port and running the necessary software. This enables the user to view the information in graph form, or to print and export it to other applications. Finally, long-life lithium batteries allows your device to continue working for a minimum of one year before it needs a battery change.

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