Glass Insurance

With LabDirect's exclusive glass product breakage insurance, you can now cover yourself in case something hits the floor.

Dropped a flask? Cracked a hydrometer? Simple accidents like these are frustrating and expensive, especially if the item is new.

Now, for just $8.95 + GST on top of the standard delivery cost, LabDirect will cover and replace any fragile glassware item broken within 6 months of the purchase order date. This simple option has you covered and will save you on any re-order costs.

We are the first online store in our industry to offer breakage insurance on fragile glassware.

Glassware product breakage insurance claim terms:

  • Replacement of broken glassware product/s within 6 months of the purchase order date (insurance is no longer valid after 6 months has elapsed).
  • The additional fee and claim only applies to the particular order it is purchased with.
  • The same or newer equivalent model glassware to be sent at our cost.
  • Claims not valid for special or stock clearance items (products may no longer be available after they are sold out).
  • Claims can only be made on breakable items such as glassware, plasticware and porcelainware (claims not valid for equipment such as baths, incubators, pipettors etc).
  • No lengthy claim forms or questions. Simply send a photo of the broken glassware item for verification.
  • Insurance is valid for a once off replacement claim. Insurance is no longer valid should the same item be broken a second time.
  • Insurance is valid for the replacement of one (1x) item. If two (2x) different items are broken at the same time, we will replace the more expensive item, providing it's in stock and not a one-off special item.
  • Claims not currently available for NT, WA or customers located in far city outskirts/regional areas.
  • Breakage insurance is not available for disposable glass test tubes (please contact us if tubes are broken on arrival for a refund on broken tubes).

This insurance cover is perfect for expensive and fragile glass items such as measuring cylinders, bottles, flasks, funnels and hydrometers.

Please note that we always endeavour to replace items which may be "broken on arrival" or "lost in transit" whether or not the insurance is added. Our standard delivery charges cover orders should either occur as it's standard service to ensure the goods make it to end users safely.