Vaccine Storage Refrigerators

Vaccine Storage Refrigerators

Our range of pharmacy refrigerators provide the reliability and security that's essential when protecting pharmaceutical and vaccines and incorporate a stable temperature control at a fixed 5°C. 


Thermoline Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerators Conform To Every Standard.

Thermoline ClassOne Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerators tick every box with unbeatable reliability and accurate temperature control. All ClassOne Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerators are tested in-house in our state of the art testing rooms to ensure they conform to the toughest regulations required as a medical device

Thermoline ClassOne Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerators are registered Medical Devices, Class I and are listed in the ARTG, 299070.

All Models Have A Modern Functional Design
Structured with smooth powder coated or colorbond external surfaces. Glass self-closing and lockable doors. Castors for easy moving.

Full of Safety Features
High and low alarms, min and max logging plus BMS monitoring and phone dialling connections. Every alarm event notification is covered.

A Size For Any Space
Choose from a small compact model or several large bulk storage models. There’s a suitable pharmacy vaccine refrigerator size to suit your space.

Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerators That Comply to Every Standard

  • Medical Devices, Class I
  • Listed in the ARTG, 299070
  • AS85000: Quality Care Pharmacy Standard

Australian Made Vaccine Fridges
All large capacity pharmacy vaccine refrigerator models are hand crafted in Australia with local service and support to ensure maximum uptime.