Buchner Filter Funnels

Buchner Filter Funnels

Büchner filter funnels with sintered discs

The sintered discs fitted to these funnels are manufactured from the same SIMAX borosilicate glass as the funnel bodies, making these funnels suitable to be used with a wide range aggressive chemicals.

  • Comprehensive range of Büchner filter funnels with integral sintered glass discs
  • Disc and funnel body manufactured from chemically resistant glass
  • For convenient filtration of solutions - No filter papers required - Highly resistant to most corrosive reagents including ammonia and concentrated sulphuric acid

Since they are manufactured from SIMAX glass they are resistant to the majority of corrosive reagents, unaffected by ammonia, sulphuric acid and other solvents that are damaging to filter paper. The sintered glassware is available in six porosity classes from 0 – 5, as outlined in the table below. The pore sizes indicated, give a range of pores present within the sinter disc. Therefore, the size of particles that will be obstructed will generally be of a size at the upper end of the range.

Porosity GradeISO 4793 designationPore Index (mic.)Principal Uses
0 P250 160-250 Coarse filtration, gas dispersion and as a support for other filter material
1 P160 100-160 Coarse precipitate filtration, gas dispersion, coarse grain material filtration
2 P100 40-100 Medium and crystalline precipitate filtration, medium filtration and washing of gases
3 P40 16-40 Analytical work with medium precipitates
4 P16 10-16 Analytical work with fine precipitates
5 P1.6 1-1.6 Bacteria filtration


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