Temperature Data Logger with Graphic LCD Screen, EL-GFX-1

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  • Temperature Data Logger with Graphic LCD Screen, EL-GFX-1
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Temperature Data Logger with Graphic LCD Screen

EL-GFX products feature an increased memory capacity (250,000 readings per channel), 0.1 digit resolution across all parameters, LED and audible
alarms, as well as a graphic display which shows real-time trend graphs and data summaries. An on-screen menu provides the capability for
users to start, stop and restart the data logger in the field.

  • -30 to +80°C (-22 to +176°F) measurement range
  • Logging rates between 10 seconds and 1 hour
  • Immediate, delayed, push-button or temperature triggered start mode
  • Graphic LCD shows real-time readings, graph and current status
  • Stores over 250,000 readings
  • Calibration certificate available
  • RoHS compliant    

The EL-GFX-1 standalone USB data logger measures and stores over 250,000 temperature readings over a -30 to +80ºC (-22 to +176ºF) range and at a resolution of 0.1ºC. Using the Windows control software (available as a free-download from www.easylogusb.com), users can quickly set up the data logger and view downloaded data by connecting the device to the PC’s USB port using the supplied cable.

The data logger features a high-contrast graphic LCD and three-input buttons which allows users to start, stop and restart the data logger using on-screen menus. This menu also provides real-time analysis of data either as a data summary (showing highest & lowest readings and alarm conditions) or as a graph that updates as new data is added. Multiple data logging sessions can be stored on the device ready for upload to a PC at a later date.

The data logger’s robust design provides IP-67 waterproof protection and the two replaceable ½AA batteries typically allow logging for up to six months.

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