LabDirect's Master Distillers - Gin by Art of Booze

Photo by: Damian Briggs

LabDirect's handcrafted glassware helped create this boutique batch of gin by the master distillers at Art of Booze. The unique process begins with 12 organic botanicals being infused in a gluten free, triple distilled, shiraz base. This base saturates the smooth spirit with as much flavour as possible before it's moved through twists of copper. The result is a perfect blend of delectable flavours and aromas.

So what glassware in particular have they used? Well, we can't tell you that (it's a secret), however we can say that it's their own unique variant of our essential oils distillation setup.

LabDirect has standard setups to use as your platform, and from there subtle changes can be made to suit your particular process.

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31st May 2019 LabDirect Staff

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