Autoclavable Variable Volume Single Channel Pipettor, NEXTY, 10~100ul (With Pipette Tips)

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The next generation of pipette which features the latest in ergonomic design, comfort, and ease of use.

These pipettors are made from high-grade fully autoclavable plastics and metal internal components giving them superior strength and long-life use. These pipettors can also be sterilized for 20 minutes at 121°C - no need to dismantle, simply place the whole pipettor in a sterilizer.

  • Fully autoclavable body (Can be sterilized for 20 minutes @ 121°C)
  • Easily recognizable push button colour codes
  • Convenient short design, easy to handle
  • Made of tough and durable materials
  • Uniquely designed to fit comfortably in your hand
  • Supplied with free pipette tips to get you started
  • 30 day risk-free returns

Triple Speed Volume Settings

- Super fast volume settings
- 1 rotation of triple turbo dial is equal to 3.5 rotations of the push-button dial
- Easy handling operation with only one hand
- Very convenient when making large volume changes

Smooth Push Button

- Easy to use large push button
- The unique shaped button design reduces repetitive stress on the thumb
- A new spring system means an extremely light stroke is required to use the pipettor
- Precise Volume Setting Dial for the minimum scale unit (1/1000)

Fast Ejector Button

- Our uniquely shaped ejector button reduces the stress on your thumb.

Safe Volume Lock

- When locked it prevents the dial from rotating and eliminates volume selection errors.

Strict Quality Control

- Quality inspection of every unit is performed in a dedicated controlled environment according to ISO8655 standards.

Tips and Accessories

- Thin wall molded pipette tips and pipette rack available

30 Days Risk Free Returns

LabDirect offers a worry-free 30 day refund of all NEXTY pipettors should you wish to return any model.

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Product Specifications

Pack Size:
Pipette Tips:
One bag of free pipette tips supplied per whole order.
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