Alcohol Spirit Distillation Kit with 1000ml Boiling Flask and Liebig Condenser

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LabGlass's alcohol and spirit distillation kit includes key glass components used by distillers Australia wide. All glass parts are manufactured from high temperature borosilicate glass and can be interchanged between other glass components which use a 24/29 neck.

This distillation kit includes:

1. FRS1L/3
Round Bottom Flask, 1000ml, Short Neck, 24/29

2. SPT/SC33
Glass Stillhead 24/29 with GL14 Screw adapter for Thermometer

3. CL30/33
Liebig Condenser, 300mm Length, 24/29

4. ARPB/33
Receiving Adaptor, Socket to Cone, 24/29

5. FC500/3
Conical Receiving Flask, 500ml, 24/29

Accessories also included in the kit:

  • 1 x 1926 - Silicone Tubing, 7 ID x 11 OD mm (1m Length)
  • 1 x 267 - Retort Stand, Rectangular Base, 50cm Chrome Rod
  • 1 x LW1666-01 - Three Prong Clamp with Bosshead, 75mm Max Diameter Objects
  • 1 x 750.031.358 - Thermometer, Red Spirit, -10 to +150 Degrees (305mm Length)
  • 4 x KECK Clips to suit joints

Optional hotplate or heating mantle available to use as your heating source.

Thermoline Heating Mantle, Digital to suit 1000ml Round Bottom Flasks

Lab Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, Simmerstat, 200x180mm Plate

View our range of Alcoholometer Hydrometers:

Note Before Purchase:

  • These kits are made to order and a 2~3 week delivery time applies.
  • A copy of your ID/drivers license is required to start the order.
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