KARTELL Clinical Safety Transport Box, 4.5 Litres

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  • KARTELL Clinical Safety Transport Box, 4.5 Litres
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Made of polycarbonate and fully autoclavable. Designed for transporting tubes, containers, vials, plastic bags and ready-to-use syringes whenever an airtight seal is required. Designed to provide a high degree of safety when transporting antiblastic drugs from the Preparation Center to the site where they will be administered. Completely clear to enable inspection for possible container leakage before opening. The cover has a hermetic sylicon safety seal to ensure containment of fluids or anti-tumor drugs and protects against leakage and/or accidental spill from bottles or seepage from plastic bags. Closes using 4 safety locks preventing accidental opening if the box is dropped. Inside the box, beveled edges and the special design of the bottom guarantee safe, simple and efficient cleaning. An indelible biological hazard symbol is moulded on the outside of the cover. Includes a stainless steel AISI 304 handle for ease of transport and an instruction sheet on use and maintenance.



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