Borosilicate Volumetric Flask, 24/29 Neck With Stopper, 1000ml

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  • LABCO Borosilicate Volumetric Flask, 24/29 Neck With Stopper
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Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3 which is resistant to heat and almost all chemicals. 

They meet the highest quality standards according to DIN EN 1042 and DIN 12664-2. 

Individually calibrated through automatic calibration process carried out by robots.

Permanent quality control through all steps eliminate possible deviations from nominal values.

Calibrated to contain (In) and all the tolerances are according to DIN/ISO Class “A” standards.

Conformity (“H”, “DE-M”) certified, with a batch number printed on the body.

Inscriptions are printed with special blue enamel.

Clear flasks have a “blue effect” meniscus ring mark for easy observation of meniscus line.

All volumetric flasks are supplied with P.P stoppers.

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