PYREX® VISTA Culture Tubes with Screw Cap Lids, 34ml, 20x150mm (Pack of 200)

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The Iconic PYREX® Screw Cap Test Tube

These PYREX® VISTA™ culture tubes are supplied with deep-form 15-415 GPI threaded phenolic caps with rubber liners to facilitate handling and sealing after autoclaving. Suitable for a wide range of applications, these robust round bottom culture tubes are supplied with black SVL® PBT screw caps that can withstand dry heat sterilisation up to 180°C.

  • Ideal for culture work
  • Manufactured from PYREX® borosilicate glass
  • High resistance to attack from water reduces leaching of contaminants which can cause pH changes
  • Deep-form 15-415 GPI threaded phenolic caps with rubber liners
  • Cap can withstand repeated dry heat and steam sterilisation cycles.

Culture tubes are not recommended for centrifuge work. Do not autoclave with a tightly screwed cap. Failure to adopt this procedure may result in tube breakage.

Capacity: 34ml

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