PYREX® Heatproof Slim-Line Lab Bottle, 1000ml

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  • PYREX® Heatproof Slim-Line Lab Bottle
  • PYREX® Heatproof Slim-Line Lab Bottle, 1000ml
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These round bottles can be used for storage as well as mixing and storage. The indented side grips ensure easy handling. The bottles are graduated to their full working volume. The narrow profile uses less space on shelves, refrigerators and autoclaves. The new style cap has wider knurls for a more comfortable grip. It also requires 1/3 less turns to secure a closure.

  • Indented gripping zones along the sides of bottle allow easier and safer handling
  • New cap design permits faster opening and closing. The caps are fully compatible with all standard “GL45” (45mm neck size) Pyrex bottles
  • Widely-spaced knurls (ridges and grooves) provide comfortable and ergonomic cap handling
  • Narrow bottle diameter allows more efficient storage on shelves, refrigerators, autoclaves
  • Bottles are graduated to their full working volumes

Height: 252 mm (approx.)
O.D.: 93 mm (approx.)

Warning: Lid must only be loosely screwed on when heating or autoclaving. Do not screw the lid tight when the bottle is hot as breakage may occur.

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