Filtration Desiccator with Plate, 150mm

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  • Filtration Desiccator with Plate, 150mm
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Implosion proof desiccators. Will take vacuum of -740 mm Hg with loss (absolut zero: -760 mm/HG) not exceeding 20 mm Hg in 24 hours. The transparent polycarbonate cover seals onto a neoprene ‘0’ ring set into the flange of the PP base. A little grease spread on the ‘0’ ring will assist in establishing initial vacuum. Within the desiccator is a removable pan for holding a drying agent. Vacuum release tap/non return valve assembly is included; specially grooved stopper in this assembly allows air, when required, to be re-admitted very slowly to avoid disturbing the contents.

Usage Instructions:
• remove the cover in PC - insert the samples in the pan
• open the vacuum retention valve (PE needle) connect the tube of the pump to the desiccator spigot in order to create vacuum
• close the vacuum retention valve

Plates included

Material: PP/PC

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