Lab Balances

Lab Balances

Analytical balances have the ability to measure small mass often in the sub-milligram range and are typically found in laboratories and such places where there is no room for error when weighing items. Our collection of analytical balances use the very latest in technology to deliver the most precise results using the highest degrees of precision.

Boasting modern LCD screens for clear, easy to read results, they yield a readability of as much as 5 decimal places to the right of the decimal point. Touchscreen technology allows several users to access the various product databases, making team work easier than ever before.

Precision balances are made for reliable and high-precision weighing both in the laboratory and under harsh industrial conditions. Less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature, they produce more steady readings in a wider range of environmental conditions with a readability of between 0.01 and 0.001. Capacities range from 200g to 2000g.

Moisture analysers are essential items of equipment for quality control departments, R&D labs, and any other applications where the level of moisture is critical when establishing manufacturing criteria or developing a new product. It covers an almost endless list of products including pharmaceuticals and chemicals. A moisture analyser will measure and log the original weight of the item before drying. After drying, it takes note of the reduced level of moisture and gives a new weight reading on the LCD display.

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