DURAN SUPER DUTY Borosilicate Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, 100ml

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  • DURAN SUPER DUTY Borosilicate Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, 100ml
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DURAN® Super Duty Erlenmeyer flasks

Due to the increased quantity of glass, the mechanical sturdiness is significantly improved compared to standard beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks. A further product advantage is the strengthened (tooled) rim, which also provides additional impact resistance and considerably reduces the risk of breakage. This extension to the DURAN® product rang e therefore offers the user optimum safety when working with glassware that is subject to heavy mechanical loading, even when it is cleaned and used frequently. Super Duty glass vessels also work out cheaper in the long run - thanks to the increased impact resistance

- Boiling flasks and general laboratory glassware
- Increased mechanical sturdiness due to increased uniform wall thickness
- Reinforced, sturdy rim
- Uniform wall thickness distribution
- Proven DURAN® properties
- Type 1 glass / neutral glass as per USP, EP and JP
- Autoclavable / sterilisable
- With Retrace Code
- Easy-to-read scale
- Fired-on, extremely durable printing

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