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Special: DURAN YOUTILITY Bottles, 500ml with Screw Caps

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For a limited time, the award-winning Laboratory Bottle System from DURAN® is now on special at LabDirect.

Ergonomic Design
The optimized, ergonomic shape of the screw cap has comfortable grooves and ridges for a more efficient and easier tightening or removal, especially with smaller sized or gloved hands. The inverted cone form of the cap makes bottle handling easier and far safer.

Colour Coding
The colourful GL 45 Bottle Tags offer an elegant solution to the marking of laboratory bottles. The Bottle Tags can be easily and securely attached around the neck of the YOUTILITY bottle, even with the screw cap in place. The Bottle Tags feature a graspable tab that makes them easy to remove with bare or gloved hands.

Grip zones
The specially shaped gripping zones on both sides of the bottle permit easier and safer handling.

Space saving
The slimmer YOUTILITY bottle shape allows a more optimal use of limited space in autoclaves and laboratory refrigerators. The bottles can be conveniently stacked horizontally on their sides.

Colour Tags Supplied: Black, Pink, Orange and Grey (select two)
Height: 193mm
Outer Dia: 78mm

Link to bottles: http://www.labdirect.com.au/duran-youtility-bottl...

New Product: Low Cost Glass Beakers

PUBLIC LABS low cost beakers are now available for purchase online at LabDirect!Personal use at Home, Promotional use at Events or Student use at SchoolMade from high temperature borosilicate 3.3 glass, these low cost glass beakers are perfect for everyday use where research branded borosilicate glass is not required. They are ideal for mixing and [...]

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New Product: Electronic Pipette Filler and Controller

Packed with features for comfortable and accurate pipetting the powerful pump offers rapid, yet sensitive aspiration and dispensing, has adjustable valves and is microprocessor controlled for constant reliability and accuracy. Operates with 100–240 volt electrical supplies worldwide Long-life li-ion battery, with quick charge–up to 20 hours continuous use UV resistant housing Universal grip and soft coated triggers with direction [...]

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High Temperature, Spill Safe, Bench Protective Lab Mats

An economical solution to help keep bench tops clean and safe from stains, spills and wear. Save money by eliminating the need for repeated purchases and disposal costs associated with disposable paper mats. The lab mat is made from a durable FDA approved silicone material that creates a stain resistant washable working surface. When the mat [...]

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Stock Clearance: Heating Mantles

To clear current warehouse stock, Thermoline is running a special reduced price sale on all analogue control beaker and round bottom flask heating mantles. Reduced pricing of up to 30% applies on all in stock models with a full 12 months warranty still applied. Limited stock is available on all models - once sold, analogue [...]

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New Product: High Purity Alumina Crucibles

Crucibles are containers which can withstand very high temperatures and often used for metal, glass, and pigment production as well as modern laboratory processes. While crucibles historically were usually made from clay, they are now also made from alumina which withstands temperatures high enough to melt or otherwise alter its contents.LabDirect's range of high temperature [...]

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Product Promo: Heathrow Cryo Freezer Boxes

Economical, Reusable & Moisture Resistant Plastic True North® freezer boxes (cryo box) by Heathrow Scientific, were designed with sustainability in mind and are made from a specially formulated corrugated or thin film polypropylene. True North® freezer boxes are moisture resistant, which significantly reduces the chance of mold growth. With superior durability, polypropylene outlasts the cardboard box [...]

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Product Promo: LabDirect's Expanded Data Logger Range

LabDirect's range of EasyLog data loggers are a cost effective and easy-to-use method of recording temperature and humidity data ranges on your Thermoline products. Manufactured by Lascar, the EL-USB loggers are the world's first direct USB data loggers with several models also featuring WiFi connectivity. All loggers are compact and light weight so they can [...]

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Product Promo: Heathrow Micro Centrifuges

Sprout® Mini-Centrifuge - Snapspin™ rotors for easy and fast exchange. The Sprout® is ideal for quick spin downs, micro-filter cell separations and HPLC samples. It is compact, easy to use and comes with a host of extras. Small footprint and quiet operation Palm-shaped lid, suitable for left or right handed users allows quick extraction of tubes Snapspin™ rotors are tool-free [...]

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Product Promo: Stainless Steel Beakers

Stainless steel beakers are ideal for busy labs and facilities where glass may be easily broken. Stainless steel beakers are heat and chemical resistant for long term use. The range includes six different sizes from 125ml to 3000ml, all with easy pour spouts. Dimensions on the various sizes follow: 125ml: 64 x 67 mm 250ml: 75 x 87 [...]

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